How To Get The Las Vegas Denny's $4 Pancakes Deal

     If you are on the Las Vegas strip and looking for the ultimate deal to feed yourself or your family just go to any Denny's and enjoy unlimited pancakes for only $4 anytime 24 hours a day. Almost everyone will eat them for breakfast, lunch, dinner and for that late nite alcohol absorbing crave.

     Denny's has taken the market share niche on the Las Vegas strip which now has 5 locations that are within walking distance if you are on the strip. They will start you off with 3 pancakes and then bring 2 more at a time upon request. Usually the waitress will put the second order in for you once they bring the first three so that they are ready once you knock them down. How can you go wrong with pancakes with as much butter and syrup as you want! But be aware that few will be able to quench their thirst with the free water so remember you will pay extra for a coffee, milk or drink of your choice.

     That's the genius marketing catch they hope you fall into so stay strong and stick with water if you want to be a winner at Denny's in Las Vegas. Here are the current locations:
  • Downtown at Neonopolis on Fremont Street
  • 1 Block north of the Stratosphere Hotel and Casino
  •  Casino Royale (Next to Harrahs)
  •  Across from Monte Carlo under Hard Rock Cafe
  •  Next to Peppermills Restaurant (corner on strip & convention center dr.)
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