Las Vegas Buffet Review of Gold Coast Hotel and Casino

     Port O' Call buffet located inside the Gold Coast Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas is just off the strip and offers a decent buffet. Now I have been in Las Vegas for over 8 years and have eaten here a few times in the past but now I was on a mission to find you the best priced to quality breakfast buffet in town.

     For now on I will put the Pro's and Con's at the end kinda like a summery and punchline at the same time. Well this buffet is very basic for breakfast which is pretty usual here because they want to fill you up with pancakes and honestly breakfast is a money maker for casinos because the juices and coffee than the dough....OK Batter!

  So this is embarrassing but shows you how I even lost the buffet challenge of eating more than it costs rather then just go to Denny's (Which there are a few on the strip). I ate only 1 (yes one) plate which had half of french toast which had no flavor (No Cinnamon or powdered sugar on it, Eggs which again had no buttery, salt and pepper love in it, The fatty bacon that could have been used as play dough, A chicken fried steak which was perfect and had 3 types of gravy's offered, 2 sausage basic links, 2 rolls (I like to make egg sandwiches, A slice of real none compressed water filled ham and and orange juice all for $7.99 with a basic Ruby level players card plus tax and tip. Now you can see that even the best breakfast buffet deal in Vegas is kinda the same as going to Denny's.

*Each table has a sign with your servers name which makes it personalize....perfect!
*Good Chicken Fried Steak
*Awesome staff
*Custom made omelettes
*Fresh Baked Ham
*Best Breakfast Value Buffet in Vegas
*Almost a total Gluten Free Menu (Probably why it tasted weird)

*Honestly.... None... besides some stuff a bit bland because of all the different international tourists tastes, so I understand why but they do have everything to season it the way you like.

Go Buffeting,