How To Get Creative With Las Vegas Buffet Menu Items

     Now when it comes to Las Vegas buffets most people get so overwhelmed that they lose control of their civil eating styles and turn into a feeding frenzy of piranhas cutting the lines and pushing people out of the way. I will admit that this still happens to me even with a planned mission to review a buffet for this site I still loose control at times.

     Here are some of my concoctions and tips on how to mix and match items located usually within their serving station at a Las Vegas buffet to make your own unique dishes with your own flavors. Remember that you can always ask at any buffet station for any sauces, gravy's and dressings you may not see due to the buffet seating time (Ex. Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner). Most buffets are very accommodating and already have the sauces ready for the day and will get for you.

  • Horse Radish  (Salad Bar) Great mixed into cocktail sauce for shrimp dipping, with soy sauce for sushi, Put in soup to put your butt in gear or even on top of a slice of cheesy pizza.
  • Au Jus (Carving Station) Dip your fries or splash some on Lo Mein (Chinese Station)
  • BBQ (Carving Station) Pizza, Mac & Cheese, Dip Chicken fingers and nuggets.
  • Ranch (Salad Bar) Pizza, Dip Dumplings, Add to tuna fish and dip fries.
     MEATS & FISH:
  • Bacon (Perfect for Brunches) Make a BLT, Chop it up and put on pizza, lay it in a fajita or even use a well done piece to scoop and eat your ice cream....Really good...Really! 
  • Pork (Carving & BBQ Stations) chop up and add to fried rice (Chinese Station) for a Kung Pao effect,
  • Chicken ((BBQ Station) Pull apart and put in chicken noodle soup if offered for an extra chunky experience in your mouth Mama didn't give you.
  • Fish (Seafood Station) catch the fish and bring to (Latin Station) where you can put in a taco shell or fajita bread and finish building them there with salsa, lettuce, tomato and a lime wedge!
  • Cubed & Sliced (Salad Bar) Drop in soup or on top of salad or sandwich.
  • Nacho Cheese (Latin Station) Dip fries, mozzarella sticks and pizza.
  • Parmesan (Italian Station) Put in tomato soup, On top of enchiladas, chili and chicken.
  • Mozzarella (Salad Bar) Usually comes in small balls so drop in soup to soften or put some between two pizza slices to melt into a deep dish pizza.   
     Remember that you get to play chef so get creative with the buffet menu items.

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Vegas Ray