Las Vegas Buffet Review of Orleans Hotel and Casino

     This review of the Medley Buffet located inside the Orleans hotel and casino in Las Vegas might surprise you. This buffet just had a huge renovation with the decor but they forgot to focus on the food and management. I thought this would be the typical Vegas quality experience but it was not.

      I arrived at the buffet at 12:29pm (Lunch started at 11am) and there was no line but a lot of people looking at a big sign in front of the entrance with ridiculous prices for off strip buffets ($14.99 lunch) and yes right in front of the 2 hotel executives standing together who could not figure out why they were not coming in, UH DUH the freakin' price dummies and wait till they have the awesome experience like I did - not. They also would not open the rope line short cut for me so they made me walk threw the buffet line maze cage. Look the last place I want to put blame on a bad buffet is not with the staff but it's management based on their staff training and if they would ever taste the food daily, especially the sauces and gravy's then they can tell the chef to fix it or fire them!

      As I sat down I noticed a lot of people coughing which I first though that maybe they put a new ventilation system in and it was blowing the crap out but we will get back to that in a minute. I went up to start my buffet scan of the items but there was a problem, The signs were all screwed up and for some items they were missing.

      My first and second plates had shrimp which was easy peel and cleaned and good, Steamed veggies from Chinese buffet section and good, Baked Pollock Fish WITH The Red Wack You In The Throat Red Sauce which looked like it had minced / pureed red pepper flake in it which is why everyone is coughing. Oh and that same wicked sauce was also on my Eggplant kinda Parmesan so they attacked the customers at 2 fronts so far with this cough attack but the suites had no clue.

      Then there was "Chopped" Pork Chops into like chicken fingers but with the bone with the Wacko Red Sauce on it too so I took one little bite and it had Bone Shards in it so obviously from Wackin' it with a meat cleaver to make fingers, Oh Well, didn't finish it so their waste right... not it right. Turkey Cutlets with a peppery hollandaise sauce but good. Chinese beef and veggie was very mild and Where's the Beef Wendy? but typical for a cheap ass buffet. Pork Tacos were awesome and now I know where they got the base of their Wacko sauce. The 3 Sushi selections Sucked so bad that it was the first time I have ever seen a buffet Sushi display tray look like the Great Wall of crumbled. I thought some messy people were before me but when I went to pick one piece up it exploded like a dirt bomb because it was not the perfect moisture and gummy consistency to keep the rice together. The Chicken Fajita was awesome too.

      A great dessert bar, salad bar, a Korean barbecue and some cold cuts but there was no sliced cheese for the turkey, roast beef and ham so I had to take the cheese cubes from the salad bar and squish on top.

      When I came back with my third dish with some fruit all fresh and a connoli which was ok I noticed that my place mat, fork and my tomato juice were gone. Now I got pissed off a bit because they seen me go back for more and by the way there is a 2 hour limit and that's why the idiots walk around looking at you and their watches. I have never seen so many security cameras in a buffet before.

      So to sum it up this buffet obviously has some management problems because I went to this buffet about 3 years ago and it was great but with the remodel, new menu and 2 new idiots it has really screwed up what was good and never should have been touched!

      Vegas is not only the entertainment capital of the world but also the buffet capital so come on big buffets live up to it and give the best deal with quality and it becomes an attraction again and not your freakin' Big price sign!

Go Buffeting!