How To Win At A Las Vegas Buffet

     If you are looking to get the best value and win the Las Vegas buffet game then get control of yourself and follow the premium menu items. There are three types of Las Vegas buffet goers, You have the ones who make a nice neat single plate, Then some just grab whatever from the selections like a Walmart super sale and then pig out, And then you have the hunter for the prime items at the buffet and you can spot them hogging up all the shrimp, crab legs and prime rib. I am classified as both a pig out and hunter type and fight with myself over the selection because buffets are designed to have tasty items which are fillers so you do not eat much of the expensive stuff.

     To Go Big and beat the casino at the buffet game you must become the hunter and avoid the filler decoys. Stay away from rice, pasta, pizza, bread and ANY batter fried food since it will fill up that valuable real estate in your belly with little nutritional value compared to the prime items. Treat yourself to a nutritional overload with steamed vegetables like broccoli and carrots (Chew them good and its like your own juicer in your mouth) , meats, fish, beets, cranberry sauce and while you are at it order a tomato juice and get a bunch of vitamins and minerals all in one gulp.

To make this short, Become the hunter and get the most bang for your buck!

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