Las Vegas Buffet Changeover

     I think that a large portion of you may know this one which is why some Las Vegas buffets have a 1 hour block out to protect against this tactic but don't worry I will guide you on what I like to call "The Upgrade Gamble". The great thing is that you can search the buffets listed on our site and look at the times for breakfast, lunch and dinner to see if the window for opportunity exists.
     This is more of a free gamble because let's just say you were going for the lunch buffet anyway and breakfast is from 7am-11am and lunch is from 11am-3pm well then it's possible to go in and pay for breakfast at 10:30am and hit the lunch too. Whenever attempting to do this you must go in no sooner than 30 minutes prior to the changeover.

     Now if the breakfast, lunch and dinner times factor in the 1 hour block out then you must be in by the cut off time and out before the turnover. For example a buffet with a 1 hour block out would have times of breakfast 7am-10am, lunch 11am-3pm and dinner 4pm-9pm. If you go for breakfast they may tackle you if you try to stay for lunch.

     Normally most buffets Do Not put the 1 hour block out between breakfast and lunch because they actually loose more money than the few guests who get away with some juicy chicken that breakfast didn't offer. Dinner buffets in Las Vegas usually always have the block out because there is high end items like Prime Rib, Shrimp, Crab Legs and more.

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