How To Sign Up For Las Vegas Hotel and Casino Deals

        When it comes to email sign up forms online most of us have a second thought because no one wants more junk mail to fill up their inbox but we all know that most companies will send you free stuff, discounts and coupons. Well that is where Las Vegas hotels and casinos have mastered how to get you to their property with free or discounted buffets by email and postal. Below I will give you direct links to the sign up form of companies that run Las Vegas hotel and casinos. There are plenty of other hotel and casino sign up forms out there but these main 4 will bring you offers from dozens of hotel and casinos because of how many locations they operate.

        A great tip is to make a new Gmail just for this so you do not spam up your regular email, You will also get a free google voice number so you can use for this or any other online forms so you do not give out your main number. You also get 15 Gigs of storage on google drive as well which you can put your Vegas vacations photos and videos on. * If you are a tourist coming to town then you should sign up at least 3 months prior to coming to town so by then you should have already received some offers to consider.

 MGM Properties - SIGN UP

Caesars Properties- SIGN UP

Boyd Gaming - SIGN UP

Station Casinos - SIGN UP

Each company is different where some actually also create your players card account as well which then you just show up with ID and pick up your card. It's a double whammy, win - win!

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