How To Get Las Vegas Players Card Discounts

     The most important tip when it comes to buffets in Las Vegas is to always get a players card if you are going to a buffet at a hotel and casino. Depending on the hotel there could be multiple benefits for player card holders when it comes to their buffets and it usually only takes a few minutes for you to get your card once you reach the counter. The best part is that you do not even need to gamble to get these benefits but of course if you play than you can usually always use the points on the card towards payment for the buffet. So to make this post short and to the point here are the benefits.

DISCOUNT - Most hotels and casinos with buffets in Las Vegas both on and off the Las Vegas strip will offer a special discounted price which is usually a few dollars off. Currently all MGM and Caesar property buffets DO NOT offer a discount with a players card but then again they just started charging for parking also so that's why I have made this site so you can hunt for the best deals and not be taken by the big boys on the block or the taxi cabs as well. When you present the card they will swipe it to see the points but if you don't play just make sure you get the discount.

FREE & 2 FOR 1 - This one is a great deal for locals and tourists who come back often to Las Vegas. So since they swiped your card at the buffet cashier and even if there were no points on it and you paid your bill in full then you are now in the hotels database that you eat at their buffet. Here comes the Santa Clause effect because after you go back home and a month or two passes you will now be receiving their promotional mailings that come in the mail box NOT inbox. Besides hotel room deals to try and get you back they will offer 2 for 1 or even a FREE buffet and they will continue to send at times. Trust me, I have ate at the Wynn hotel and casino buffet 2 times with a guest because they sent a free buffet for me and a guest twice. This is very unheard of on a property where the buffet price is about $50 but hey these are the real ways to win back from them.

CUT THE LINE - Now this benefit is for those who will gamble with their players card and can move up to a higher tier of player card due to your average wagering amount and time on a machine or table. Usually there is a "Diamond" or "Platinum" players card cut line on the bigger properties. What ever you do don't try to play your way to be able to cut the line cause you may have to sell your house when you get home.

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