Las Vegas Buffet Review of the Golden Dragon Buffet

     Golden Dragon buffet in Las Vegas is located in the Smith's shopping center on the corner of Tropicana Ave. and Jones blvd. This buffet tries to do the best that they can within a small store front which made me feel real sorry for them and I really think I could have eaten them straight into bankruptcy. The staff (Which I believe are husband and wife) do keep the place very clean and are polite but that's where it ends and the twilight zone begins.

      I went for lunch which there was just one other customer but then I seen the buffet table (Yes One) at the back of the room. They offered 16 items including beef and broccoli, chicken with string beans, shrimp toast, lo mein, veggie stir fry, sweat and sour pork, fried rice, fried dumplings, lightly coated shrimp with shell on and not cleaned (deveined) and spring rolls. They also had two soups including hot and sour and wonton soup. They do not have anything else, No Ice Cream or dessert, No Cookie at the end and not even jello. I couldn't believe it that they did not give a fortune cookie at the end, well that's because I was given the check right as I sat down with my first plate.

      Now for the food quality at the Golden Dragon buffet starting with the beef and broccoli. They put nice size pieces of beef in it which was very tender and seasoned very well but they could have done a better trim job on the meat which is probably why most other Chinese buffets use small pieces plus they just want to be cheap on the offering. The broccoli was cooked just right but it tasted like they must have cooked it in oyster sauce and it was nasty, really. The beef did not have the oyster flavor so the broccoli must have been cooked separately.

      The chicken and string beans was pretty good with juicy chicken and snappy beans, The shrimp toast had no flavor of shrimp and was dry and hard like the salt flats in the desert, sweat and sour pork was burnt and more like a BBQ burnt nugget, The shrimp was a 15 minute battle to get the shell off and to scoop the crap out which then left me with mashed shrimp (I should have used it as a spread on my non shrimp toast).

      This place might be ok if the price was a few bucks cheaper and you only expect to find two things you will enjoy and this might be the only Chinese buffet in the world that does not have fortune cookies....... No Cookie For You!