Las Vegas Chinese Buffet Review of the Krazy Buffet

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       The Krazy Buffet in Las Vegas offers an incredible gourmet Chinese buffet where every item has it's own fresh flavor. Not everything tastes the same like if they used the same soy sauce on everything. Fresh herbs are fused into each item so they are not to over powering. It is located on West Sahara Ave. which is about 15 min from the strip.

PROS: Just to name a few - The sea bass has fresh cilantro and perfectly moist, Sushi lay out has at least 10 styles offered, Sea food salad is amazing (Find it in the cold section), All the soups are light and fresh tasting, Never an empty buffet tray (they yell it out to the kitchen when half thru),Price is so worth it for this flavor even though drinks are not included. "Get Water"

 CONS: They will bring your check before you are done but remember you are the customer, Don't rush - they will wait for their money. Final Input: If they had one on the strip you would never get in and the price would be over $30

This place is great.