Las Vegas Chinese Buffet Review of the Jumbo Buffet

     The Jumbo Buffet is located within 10 minutes of the strip in Las Vegas. This Chinese buffet is for the budget minded but still offers all the typical Chinese dishes as well as pizza, chicken nuggets, french fries, onion rings and ice cream which is great for a family with kids and a budget in mind. No drinks are included so get water since you are there to eat anyway. The staff are friendly and keep the place pretty clean given the fact that it's an older building in need of an interior remodel.

      They also offer a few types of sushi, baked salmon, fish heads, Shrimp in a seafood veggie medley and more. The food is average for the price which attracts tour buses and locals. See how many paint colors you can count that are used inside...

Good Value, Nice Management, I go there often.